Measure your stress.

Measure stress

MoNoA supports you to listen to your body in a simple way:

  1. Attach MoNoA to your own personal wristwatch.
  2. Measure your stress with the app based on GSR, body temperature and movement measurement.
  3. Enhance your wellbeing by recognizing, interpreting and anticipating on the symptoms of stress.

All with one clear goal in mind: Optimizing your personal well-being.

Personal wellbeing

Start monitoring your balance level today. This is the only way to get to know the physical and mental consequences of stress and enables you to act proactively. The result? Your stress level decreases. You are full of energy. From now on you will get the most out of yourself.

Corporate wellbeing

What are the consequences of stress within your company? Which impact does stress create on productivity and absenteeism? How can you prevent burnouts within an organisation? Through objective data, MoNoA provides you with the answers to all your questions about stress and balance in your workplace.

Virtual coaching

The MoNoA app collects data about your stress experience thanks to an interactive chatbot and the MoNoA wearable on your wristwatch. This gives you efficient, virtual stress coaching and correct advice tailored to your personal needs.

Personal coaching

Do you prefer a face to face approach? Your MoNoA personal stress coach will help you to interpret the collected data. Together you will develop a plan tailored to your body. Efficiency and integrity guaranteed.

The app

The MoNoa wearable measures your daily stress levels. In the day, week and month overview of the app you can clearly see what stress does to your body. The app asks you to add your personal preferences to this data. Thanks to stress coaching tailored to your needs, your stress is now noticeably reduced.

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